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Radiative emission dynamics of quantum dots in a single cavity micropillar (2006)
Schwab, M.; Kurtze, H.; Auer, T.; Berstermann, T.; Bayer, M.; Wiersig, J.; Baer, N.; Gies, C.; Jahnke, F.; Reithmaier, J.; Forchel, A.; Benyoucef, M.; Michler, P.
Journal article
Reference Model and Key Technology Research for Human Factors Simulation in Manufacturing Systems (2006)
Zhang, X.; Yang, Y.; Yi, S.; Schlick, C.; Schmidt, L.
Journal article
Relations between some characteristic lengths in a triangle (2006)
Brede, M.; Koepf, W.
Journal article
Restarting automata with restricted utilization of auxiliary symbols (2006)
Jurdzinski, T.; Otto, F.
Journal article