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Information needs in the outsourcing lifecycle - Insights from a Delphi-study (2007)
Weimer, G.; Seuring-Stella, S.
Conference proceedings article
Ich will promovieren. Anregungen (2007)
Adamczak, W.
Authored book
Investigation of N₂⁺ (C²Σ⁺u → X²Σ⁺g fluorescence excited through auger decay of the 1s ⁻¹π* resonance (2007)
Demekhin, P.; Sukhorukov, V.; Werner, L.; Ehresmann, A.; Schartner, K.; Schmoranzer, H.
Journal article
Information Systems and Healthcare XX: Toward Seamless Healthcare with Software Agents (2007)
Schweiger, A.; Sunyaev, A.; Leimeister, J.; Krcmar, H.
Journal article
Internationalisation Strategies of German Universities (2007)
Teichler, U.
Contribution in edited book
Informationen zur Forschungsförderung (2007)
Adamczak, W.
Authored book