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Theologising with Children in Classrooms in Germany (2007)
Freudenberger-Lötz, P.
Contribution in edited book
The Horn of Africa as a centre of barley diversification and a potential domestication site (2007)
Orabi, J.; Backes, G.; Wolday, A.; Yahyaoui, A.
Journal article
The Evaluative State and Higher Education Policy in Germany (2007)
Kehm, B.
Contribution in edited book
Tables of measures developed in Welfare Quality® to monitor animal welfare - Beef cattle (2007)
Winckler, C.; Algers, B.; Boivin, X.; Butterworth, A.; Canali, E.; de Rosa, G.; Hesse, N.; Keeling, L.; Knierim, U.; Laister, S.; Leach, K.; Milard, F.; Minero, M.; Napolitano, F.; Schmied, C.; Schulze Westerath, H.; Waiblinger, S.; Wemelsfelder, F.; Whay, H.; Windschnurer, I.; Zucca, D.
Conference proceedings article
Tailored Femtosecond Pulses for Nanoscale Laser Processing of Dielectrics (2007)
Englert, L.; Wollenhaupt, M.; Rethfeld, B.; Haag, L.; Sarpe-Tudoran, C.; Baumert, T.
Journal article