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Factors influencing the use of free-range areas by laying hens (2007)
Keppler, C.; Haase, R.; Knierim, U.
Conference proceedings article
Fatigue crack growth law for ferroelectrics under cyclic electrical and combined electromechanical loading (2007)
Westram, I.; Ricoeur, A.; Emrich, A.; Rödel, J.; Kuna, M.
Journal article
Feedback-aided selective subspace retransmission for outage-free spatial multiplexing (2007)
Hunziker, T.; Edlich, T.
Conference proceedings article
Fehlende Werte: Ursachen, Konsequenzen und Behandlung (2007)
Decker, R.; Wagner, R.
Contribution in edited book
Femtosecond Laser Pulses: Linear Properties, Manipulation, Generation and Measurement (2007)
Wollenhaupt, M.; Assion, A.; Baumert, T.
Contribution in edited book