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Higher Energy States in the CO Dimer: Millimeter-Wave Spectra and Rovibrational Calculations (2007)
Surin, L.; Fourzikov, D.; Giesen, T.; Schlemmer, S.; Winnewisser, G.; Panfilov, V.; Dumesh, B.; Vissers, G.; van der Avoird, A.
Journal article
High resolution rotational spectroscopy on D2O up to 2.7 THz in its ground and first excited vibrational bending states (2007)
Brünken, S.; Müller, H.; Endres, C.; Lewen, F.; Giesen, T.; Drouin, B.; Pearson, J.; Mäder, H.
Journal article
High speed Urbanization (2007)
Ipsen, D.
Journal article
Historische Kompetenzen und Museen (2007)
Pflüger, C.
Journal article