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Information Systems and Healthcare XX: Toward Seamless Healthcare with Software Agents (2007)
Schweiger, A.; Sunyaev, A.; Leimeister, J.; Krcmar, H.
Journal article
Integrated Product Policy and Environmental Product Innovations: An Empirical Analysis (2007)
Rehfeld, K.; Rennings, K.; Ziegler, A.
Journal article
Integriertes Kompetenzmanagement (2007)
Frieling, E.; Schäfer, E.
Journal article
Interaction between doubly-excited 4p⁴nln'l' resonances in Kr I (2007)
Sukhorukov, V.; Petrov, I.; Demekhin, P.; Schmoranzer, H.; Mickat, S.; Kammer, S.; Schartner, K.; Klumpp, S.; Werner, L.; Ehresmann, A.
Journal article