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Leg lesions and cleanliness of finishing bulls kept in housing systems with different lying area surfaces (2007)
Schulze Westerath, H.; Gygax, L.; Mayer, C.; Wechsler, B.
Journal article
Lifetime prediction of components including initiation phase (2007)
Besel, M.; Brückner-Foit, A.
Journal article
Lifetime vibrational interference during the NO 1s⁻¹π* resonant excitation studied by the NO⁺(A ¹Π → X ¹Σ⁺) fluorescence (2007)
Ehresmann, A.; Kielich, W.; Werner, L.; Demekhin, P.; Omel'yanenko, D.; Sukhorukov, V.; Schartner, K.; Schmoranzer, H.
Journal article
Light responsive amorphous organic field-effect transistor based on spiro-linked compound (2007)
Saragi, T.; Fuhrmann-Lieker, T.; Salbeck, J.
Journal article