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Magnetic and magnetoresistive properties of NiFe/Au/Co/Au multilayers with perpendicular anisotropy of Co layers (2007)
Urbaniak, M.; Stobiecki, F.; Szymanski, B.; Ehresmann, A.; Maziewski, A.; Tekielak, M.
Journal article
Manipulation of magnetic nanoparticles by the strayfield of magnetically patterned ferromagnetic layers (2007)
Ennen, I.; Höink, V.; Weddemann, A.; Hütten, A.; Schmalhorst, J.; Reiss, G.; Waltenberg, C.; Jutzi, P.; Weis, T.; Engel, D.; Ehresmann, A.
Journal article
Many-electron character of Rydberg series converging to the ionization thresholds of the 4p⁴5s states of Kr II (2007)
Petrov, I.; Demekhin, P.; Lagutin, B.; Sukhorukov, V.; Klumpp, S.; Ehresmann, A.; Schartner, K.; Schmoranzer, H.
Journal article
Methane emissions and digestive physiology of non-lactating dairy cows fed pasture forage (2007)
Pinares-Patiño, C.; Waghorn, G.; Machmüller, A.; Vlaming, B.; Molano, G.; Cavanagh, A.; Clark, H.
Journal article
Methane production through anaerobic digestion of various energy crops grown in sustainable crop rotations (2007)
Amon, T.; Amon, B.; Kryvoruchko, V.; Machmüller, A.; Hopfner-Sixt, K.; Bodiroza, V.; Hrbek, R.; Friedel, J.; Pötsch, E.; Wagenstristl, H.; Schreiner, M.; Zollitsch, W.
Journal article