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Observation of the oscillating absorption spectrum of a double-well state: the B''B¹Σ⁺u state of H₂ (2007)
Glass-Maujean, M.; Klumpp, S.; Werner, L.; Ehresmann, A.; Schmoranzer, H.
Journal article
On-farm assessment of the lying behaviour of finishing bulls kept in housing systems with different floor qualities (2007)
Gygax, L.; Mayer, C.; Schulze Westerath, H.; Friedli, K.; Wechsler, B.
Journal article
On the Ability of Signature Creation with Trusted Platform Modules (2007)
Roßnagel, A.; Stumpf, F.; Sacher, M.; Eckert, C.
Journal article
On the co-evolution of retribution and trustworthiness - An (indirect) evolutionary and experimental analysis (2007)
Güth, W.; Kliemt, H.; Levati, V.; von Wangenheim, G.
Journal article
Optical properties of a wrinkled nanomembrane with embedded quantum well (2007)
Mei, Y.; Kiravittaya, S.; Benyoucef, M.; Thurmer, D.; Zander, T.; Deneke, C.; Cavallo, F.; Rastelli, A.; Schmidt, O.
Journal article
Optical study of thin (As2Se3)1-x(Agl)x films (2007)
Popov, C.; Fuhrmann-Lieker, T.
Journal article