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Rotational spectra and hyperfine structure of isotopic species of deuterated cyanoacetylene, DC3N (2008)
Spahn, H.; Müller, H.; Giesen, T.; Grabow, J.; Harding, M.; Gauss, J.; Schlemmer, S.
Journal article
Risk factors for feather pecking in organic laying hens - starting points for prevention in the housing environment (2008)
Knierim, U.; Staack, M.; Gruber, B.; Zaludik, K.; Niebuhr, K.; Keppler, C.
Conference proceedings article
Region wird Stadt (2008)
Reuther, I.
Contribution in edited book
RNA repair: An antidote to cytotoxic eukaryal RNA damage (2008)
Nandakumar, J.; Schwer, B.; Schaffrath, R.; Shuman, S.
Journal article