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Offline Emergence Engineering For Agent Societies (2008)
Zapf, M.; Weise, T.
Contribution in edited book
Omp85(Tt) from Thermus thermophilus HB27: an ancestral type of the Omp85 protein family (2008)
Nesper, J.; Brosig, A.; Ringler, P.; Patel, G.; Müller, S.; Kleinschmidt, J.; Boos, W.; Diederichs, K.; Welte, W.
Journal article
On alternating phrase-structure grammars (2008)
Otto, F.; Moriya, E.
Contribution in edited book
On-chip Si/SiOx microtube refractometer (2008)
Bernardi, A.; Kiravittaya, S.; Rastelli, A.; Songmuang, R.; Thurmer, D.; Benyoucef, M.; Schmidt, O.
Journal article
On-farm welfare assessment in cattle – quo vadis (2008)
Knierim, U.; Winckler, C.
Conference proceedings article
On PCGS and FRR-automata (2008)
Pardubska, D.; Platek, M.; Otto, F.
Contribution in edited book
On stateless two-pushdown automata and restarting automata (2008)
Kutrib, M.; Messerschmidt, H.; Otto, F.
Contribution in edited book