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Innovative Gründung für ein Hochhaus in setzungsempfindlichem Baugrund (2008)
Reul, O.; Wawrzyniak, C.
Conference proceedings article
Injurious pecking in laying hens: risk factors during rearing and laying phase in conventional and organic flocks (2008)
Staack, M.; Gruber, B.; Keppler, C.; Zaludik, K.; Niebuhr, K.; Knierim, U.
Conference proceedings article
Influence of housing and management on lameness in cubicle housed Austrian Simmental dairy cows (2008)
Dippel, S.; Brenninkmeyer, C.; Brinkmann, J.; March, S.; Knierim, U.; Winckler, C.
Conference proceedings article
Importance of microclimatic conditions for the production of high quality vegetable seedlings (2008)
Ilin, Z.; Markovic, V.; Miskovic, A.; Bacanovic, J.
Conference proceedings article