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Systemidentifikation mittels Glaubenskalkül (2008)
Dürrbaum, A.
Journal article
Systematic interpretation of cyclic nucleotide binding studies using KinetXBase (2008)
Schweinsberg, S.; Moll, D.; Burghardt, N.; Hahnefeld, C.; Schwede, F.; Zimmermann, B.; Drewianka, S.; Werner, L.; Kleinjung, F.; Genieser, H.; Schuchhardt, J.; Herberg, F.
Journal article
Spectral Mixture Analysis (SMA) of reflectance curves from Legume-Grass-Plots for the analysis of species composition in forage production. (2008)
Mewes, T.; Erasmi, S.; Biewer, S.; Fricke, T.; Wachendorf, M.; Kappas, M.
Journal article
Structural Analysis in Surface Based Design Approaches. (2008)
Schein, M.; Tessmann, O.
Journal article
Smectite clays as solid supports for immobilization of beta-glucosidase: Synthesis, characterization, and biochemical properties (2008)
Pavlidis, I.; Serefoglou, E.; Litina, K.; Gournis, D.; Kalogeris, E.; Tzialla, A.; Stamatis, H.; Maccallini, E.; Lubomska, M.; Rudolf, P.
Journal article