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Höxter-Brenkhausen (Kloster) (2008)
Mersch, M.
Journal article
Forecasting exponential growth and exponential decline: Similarities and differences (2008)
Ebersbach, M.; Lehner, M.; Resing, W.; Wilkening, F.
Journal article
Hand-Eye Coordination Using a Video See-Through Augmented Reality System (2008)
Park, M.; Serefoglou, S.; Schmidt, L.; Radermacher, K.; Schlick, C.; Luczak, H.
Journal article
Mensch-Computer-Interaktionsgestaltung zur Luftlagebewertung (2008)
Schmidt, L.; Ley, D.
Journal article
A Human Task-Oriented Simulation Study in Autonomous Production Cells (2008)
Zhang, X.; Schmidt, L.; Schlick, C.; Reuth, R.; Luczak, H.
Journal article