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Handedness-dependent serving strategies in male professional tennis (2009)
Loffing, F.; Hagemann, N.; Strauß, B.
Conference proceedings article
Is agonistic behaviour in beef bulls affected by housing conditions? (2009)
Schulze Westerath, H.; Kirchner, M.; Tessitore, E.; Cozzi, G.; Winckler, C.; Knierim, U.
Conference proceedings article
Analysis of the Applications of the electronic Health Card in Germany (2009)
Sunyaev, A.; Göttlinger, S.; Mauro, C.; Leimeister, J.; Krcmar, H.
Conference proceedings article
Risk factors for lameness in freestall-housed dairy cows across two breeds, farming systems, and countries (2009)
Dippel, S.; Dolezal, M.; Brenninkmeyer, C.; Brinkmann, J.; March, S.; Knierim, U.; Winckler, C.
Journal article
Relationship between hygiene management and endoparasite infections in 20 sow herds. (2009)
Werner, C.; Göbel, A.; Sundrum, A.
Conference proceedings article
Phylogenetic analysis of Fosterella L.B. Sm. (Pitcairnioideae, Bromeliaceae) based on four chloroplast DNA regions (2009)
Rex, M.; Schulte, K.; Zizka, G.; Peters, J.; Vasquez, R.; Ibisch, P.; Weising, K.
Journal article