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Telemedienwahlen in Vereinen (2009)
Roßnagel, A.; Gitter, R.; Opitz-Talidou, Z.
Journal article
The Rotational Gas-Phase Spectrum of trans- and cis-HSSOH at 100 GHz (2009)
Koerber, M.; Baum, O.; Hahn, U.; Gauss, J.; Giesen, T.; Schlemmer, S.
Journal article
Time-Frequency Channel Parameterization with Application to Multi-Mode Receivers (2009)
Hunziker, T.; Ju, Z.; Dahlhaus, D.
Journal article
The serve in professional men’s tennis: Effects of players’ handedness (2009)
Loffing, F.; Hagemann, N.; Strauß, B.
Journal article