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Characterization of cis- and trans-HSSOH via Rotational Spectroscopy and Quantum-Chemical Calculations (2009)
Koerber, M.; Baum, O.; Giesen, T.; Schlemmer, S.; Hahn, J.; Gauss, J.
Journal article
Chemical tools selectively target components of the PKA system (2009)
Bertinetti, D.; Schweinsberg, S.; Hanke, S.; Schwede, F.; Bertinetti, O.; Drewianka, S.; Genieser, H.; Herberg, F.
Journal article
CO2 evolution from a ridge tilled and a mouldboard ploughed Luvisol in the field (2009)
Müller, E.; Wildhagen, H.; Quintern, M.; Heß, J.; Wichern, F.; Jörgensen, R.
Journal article
Coherent Manipulation of a 40Ca+ Spin Qubit in a Micro Ion Trap (2009)
Poschinger, U.; Huber, G.; Ziesel, F.; Deiss, M.; Hettrich, M.; Schulz, S.; Poulsen, G.; Drewsen, M.; Hendricks, R.; Singer, K.; Schmidt-Kaler, F.
Journal article
Coherent strong-field control of multiple states by a single chirped femtosecond laser pulse (2009)
Krug, M.; Bayer, T.; Wollenhaupt, M.; Sarpe-Tudoran, C.; Baumert, T.; Ivanov, S.; Vitanov, N.
Journal article