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Bilder des Alters im Sozialismus. Eine Reminiszenz (2010)
Denninger, T.; Richter, A.
Journal article
Bipolar redox behaviour, field-effect mobility and transistor switching of the low-molecular azo glass AZOPD (2010)
Arlt, M.; Scheffler, A.; Suske, I.; Eschner, M.; Saragi, T.; Salbeck, J.; Fuhrmann-Lieker, T.
Journal article
Breeding and supply chain systems incorporating local pig breeds for small-scale pig producers in Northwest Vietnam (2010)
Herold, P.; Roessler, R.; Willam, A.; Momm, H.; Valle Zarate, A.
Journal article
Bribing versus gift-giving - An experiment (2010)
Graf Lambsdorff, J.; Frank, B.
Journal article