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Lateinamerika: Ein (un)sicherer Kontinent? (2011)
Burchardt, H.; Öhlschläger, R.; Wehr, I.
Edited book
Large scale modelling of bankfull flow: An example for Europe (2011)
Schneider, C.; Flörke, M.; Voß, F.; Eisner, S.
Journal article
Land-use Change Scenarios for the Jordan River Region (2011)
Koch, J.; Onigkeit, J.; Schaldach, R.; Alcamo, J.; Köchy, M.; Wolff, H.; Kan, I.
Journal article
Learning from Maritime Accidents by Applying Connectionism Assessment of Human Reliability (2011)
Loer, K.; Holz, J.; Athanassiou, G.; Sträter, O.
Conference proceedings article