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On incomplete symmetric orthogonal polynomials of Laguerre type (2011)
Masjed-Jamei, M.; Koepf, W.
Journal article
Outsourcing im Medizinbereich (2011)
Roßnagel, A.; Jandt, S.; Wilke, D.
Journal article
On the correspondence between parallel communicating grammar systems and restarting automata (2011)
Pardubska, D.; Platek, M.; Otto, F.
Contribution in edited book
Organisatorisch-personelle Auswirkungen einer Integration des Rechungswesens - eine empirische Analyse (2011)
Nevries, P.; Weide, G.; Hoffjan, A.; Trapp, R.
Journal article
Optimized Distributed Control and Network Topology Design for Interconnected Systems (2011)
Groß, D.; Stursberg, O.
Conference proceedings article
Organic food consumption in families with juvenile children (2011)
Riefer, A.; Hamm, U.
Journal article
Optimal Recursive Spatial Multiplexing Strategies for Slowly Time-Varying MIMO Channels (2011)
Edlich, T.; Hunziker, T.; Shah, I.; Dahlhaus, D.
Conference proceedings article