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China’s Labor Question (2011)
Scherrer, C. (Hrsg.)
Calf mortality and morbidity in Central Europe and Canada: Comparative incidence, producers’ estimates and management practices (2011)
Vasseur, E.; Pellerin, D.; de Passillé, A.; Winckler, C.; Lensink, B.; Knierim, U.; Rushen, J.
Beitrag in einem Tagungsband
Consumer concerns regarding additional ethical attributes of organic food (2011)
Zander, K.; Hamm, U.; Freyer, B.; Gössinger, K.; Naspetti, S.; Padel, S.; Stolze, M.; Zanoli, R.; Stolz, H.
Beitrag in einem Tagungsband
CD-Systems of Stateless Deterministic R(1)-Automata Governed by an External Pushdown Store (2011)
Nagy, B.; Otto, F.
Hochschulschrift, Bericht einer Institution
Consumer views on the new mandatory EU logo for organic food (2011)
Hamm, U.; Janssen, M.
Beitrag in einem Tagungsband
Consumer Fanaticism: A Typology of Fans Related to Fan Motivation and Personality Traits (2011)
Honsel, L.; Klaus, M.; Wagner, R.
Beitrag in einem Tagungsband