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Calf mortality and morbidity in Central Europe and Canada: Comparative incidence, producers’ estimates and management practices (2011)
Vasseur, E.; Pellerin, D.; de Passillé, A.; Winckler, C.; Lensink, B.; Knierim, U.; Rushen, J.
Conference proceedings article
Cato Uticensis und seine Wahrnehmung in der Antike (2011)
Ruffing, K.
Conference proceedings article
Cell growth control by tRNase ribotoxins from bacteria and yeast (2011)
Kheir, E.; Bär, C.; Jablonowski, D.; Schaffrath, R.
Contribution in edited book
Challenge of Functional Gradation of Self-reinforced Polypropylene Composites (2011)
Heim, H.; Ries, A.; Bledzki, A.
Conference proceedings article
Characterization of hydrocarbon and mixed layers in TEXTOR by laser induced ablation spectroscopy (2011)
Gierse, N.; Brezinsek, S.; Giesen, T.; Huber, A.; Laengner, M.; Leyte-Gonzales, R.; Marot, L.; Meyer, E.; Müller, S.; Naiim-Habib, M.; Philipps, V.; Pospieszczyk, A.; Schweer, B.; Sergienko, G.; Zlobinski, M.; Samm, U.
Journal article
ChemInform Abstract: Simultaneous Iridium Catalyzed Oxidation and Enzymatic Reduction Employing Orthogonal Reagents (2011)
Mutti, F.; Orthaber, A.; Schrittwieser, J.; Vries, J.; Pietschnig, R.; Kroutil, W.
Journal article