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Innovative Water Saving Irrigation Technology by Auto-regulative Sub-Surface Pipes (2011)
Dührkoop, A.; Hensel, O.
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Impulse Current Generator for the Qualification-Testing of Surge Arresters used in DC Power Supply and Photovoltaic Systems (2011)
Finis, G.; Schöneberger, M.; Schäfer, F.; Claudi, A.; Berbic, A.
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Increasing Efficiency of Optimization-based Path Planning for Robotic Manipulators (2011)
Ding, H.; Reißig, G.; Stursberg, O.
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Improved Trichoderma formulations in forest nurseries (2011)
Hohmann, P.; Clouston, A.; Hill, R.
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Improving combustion performance of European grassland biomass through water mashing and subsequent dehydration. (2011)
Bühle, L.; Hensgen, F.; Donnison, I.; Heinsoo, K.; Wachendorf, M.
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