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Mechatroniker Ausbildung - Gemeinsames Lernen (2012)
Eder, A.; Rütters, K.; Schlegel, T.
Journal article
Morphology of nanoscale structures on fused silica surfaces from interaction with temporally tailored femtosecond pulses (2012)
Englert, L.; Wollenhaupt, M.; Sarpe, C.; Otto, D.; Baumert, T.
Journal article
Managing IT in a Business Unit Divestiture (2012)
Leimeister, J.; Böhm, M.; Yetton, P.
Journal article
Moisture induced length changes of tile adhesive mortars and their impact on adhesion strength (2012)
Winnefeld, F.; Kaufmann, J.; Hack, E.; Wetzel, A.; Zurbriggen, R.
Journal article
Mineral concentrations in solid fuels from European semi-natural grasslands after hydrothermal conditioning and subsequent mechanical dehydration (2012)
Hensgen, F.; Bühle, L.; Donnison, I.; Fraser, M.; Vale, J.; Corton, J.; Melts, I.; Wachendorf, M.
Journal article