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Sehnsucht nach Natur. Über den Drang nach draußen in der heutigen
Kirchhoff, T.; Vicenzotti, V.; Voigt, A.
Edited book
Summary of Planning Recommendations for the Land-use Plan 2020 (2012)
Storch, H.; Downes, N.; Goedecke, M.; Katzschner, L.; Burghardt, R.
Contribution in edited book
Silanetriols in the gas phase: single molecules vs. hydrogen-bonded dimers (2012)
Spirk, S.; Berger, R.; Reuter, C.; Pietschnig, R.; Mitzel, N.
Journal article
Self-regulated cooperative EFL reading tasks: students' strategy use and teachers' support (2012)
Finkbeiner, C.; Knierim, M.; Smasal, M.; Ludwig, P.
Journal article
Simulation logistischer Prozesse - Assistenzwerkzeuge unterstützen die Durchführung von Simulationsstudien (2012)
Wenzel, S.
Other publication (e.g., newspaper article, popular science publications)
Short and Ultrashort Pulses (2012)
Wollenhaupt, M.; Assion, A.; Baumert, T.
Contribution in edited book
Single-photon emission from single InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots grown by droplet epitaxy at highsubstrate temperature (2012)
Benyoucef, M.; Zürbig, V.; Reithmaier, J.; Kroh, T.; Schell, A.; Aichele, T.; Benson, O.
Journal article