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OBLIQUE (2012)
Ziegler, E.; van Rensburg, S.; Sean, O.; Wendland, T.
Contribution in edited book
On Socio-technical Enablers for Ubiquitous Computing Applications (2012)
Geihs, K.; Leimeister, J.; Roßnagel, A.; Schmidt, L.
Conference proceedings article
On-the-fly Model Abstraction for Controller Synthesis (2012)
Rungger, M.; Stursberg, O.
Journal article
On the influence of contact tribology on brake squeal (2012)
Hetzler, H.; Willner, K.
Journal article
On the left-handers' advantage in tennis: A matter of expertise!? (2012)
Strauß, B.; Loffing, F.; Hagemann, N.
Conference proceedings article