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Magnetoresistance and its relation to magnetization in Ni₅₀Mn₃₅Sn₁₅ shape-memory epitaxial films (2012)
Dubowik, J.; Załȩski, K.; Gościańska, I.; Głowiński, H.; Ehresmann, A.
Journal article
Magnetoresistive field-effect transistors based on organic donor/acceptor blends (2012)
Reichert, T.; Saragi, T.; Salbeck, J.
Journal article
Managing IT in a Business Unit Divestiture (2012)
Leimeister, J.; Böhm, M.; Yetton, P.
Journal article
Materials Development as Transdisciplinary Research Process (2012)
Klussmann, H.; Klooster, T.
Journal article
Mechatroniker Ausbildung - Gemeinsames Lernen (2012)
Eder, A.; Rütters, K.; Schlegel, T.
Journal article
Mentalization moderates and mediates the link between psychopathy and aggressive behavior in male adolescents (2012)
Taubner, S.; White, L.; Zimmermann, J.; Fonagy, P.; Nolte, T.
Journal article