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On-the-fly Model Abstraction for Controller Synthesis (2012)
Rungger, M.; Stursberg, O.
Journal article
On the influence of contact tribology on brake squeal (2012)
Hetzler, H.; Willner, K.
Journal article
Opsins in Onychophora (Velvet Worms) Suggest a Single Origin and Subsequent Diversification of Visual Pigments in Arthropods (2012)
Hering, L.; Henze, M.; Kohler, M.; Kelber, A.; Bleidorn, C.; Leschke, M.; Nickel, B.; Meyer, M.; Kirchner, M.; Sunnucks, P.; Mayer, G.
Journal article
Optimal Control of Inclusion and Crack Shapes in Elastic Bodies (2012)
Khludnev, A.; Leugering, G.; Specovius-Neugebauer, M.
Journal article