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Academic Engagement and Commercialisation: A Review of the Literature on University–Industry Relations (2013)
Perkmann, M.; Tartari, V.; Mckelvey, M.; Autio, E.; Broström, A.; D´Este, P.; Fini, R.; Geunae, A.; Grimaldi, R.; Hughes, A.; Krabel, S.; Kitson, M.; Llerena, P.; Lissoni, F.; Salter, A.; Sobrero, M.
Journal article
Adaptation to the spindle checkpoint is regulated by the interplay between Cdc28/Clbs and PP2A(Cdc55) (2013)
Vernieri, C.; Chiroli, E.; Francia, V.; Gross, F.; Ciliberto, A.
Journal article
Aggregate and Soil Clod Volume Measurement: A Method Comparison (2013)
Uteau Puschmann, D.; Pagenkemper, S.; Peth, S.; Horn, R.
Journal article
A herbal feed additive shows potential to improve metabolic situation in early lactating dairy cows (Abstract) (2013)
Walkenhorst, M.; Ivemeyer, S.; Schaette, R.; Mayer, P.; Arndt, G.
Journal article