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UK consumer reactions to organic certification logos (2013)
Gerrard, C.; Janssen, M.; Smith, L.; Hamm, U.; Padel, S.
Journal article
Ultrafast Evolution of the Excited-State Potential Energy Surface of TiO2 Single Crystals Induced by Carrier Cooling (2013)
Bothschafter, E.; Paarmann, A.; Zijlstra, E.; Karpowicz, N.; Garcia, M.; Kienberger, R.; Ernstorfer, R.
Journal article
Understanding the role of phase in chemical bond breaking with coincidence angular streaking (2013)
Wu, J.; Magrakvelidze, M.; Schmidt, L.; Kunitski, M.; Pfeifer, T.; Schöffler, M.; Pitzer, M.; Richter, M.; Voss, S.; Sann, H.; Kim, H.; Lower, J.; Jahnke, T.; Czasch, A.; Thumm, U.; Dörner, R.
Journal article
Understanding Trust in IT Artifacts A New Conceptual Approach (2013)
Söllner, M.; Pavlou, P.; Leimeister, J.
Journal article