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Developing a Documentation System for Evaluating the Societal Impact of Science (2014)
Wolf, B.; Szerencsits, M.; Gaus, H.; Müller, C.; Heß, J.
Conference proceedings article
Deforestation processes in south-western Madagascar over the past 40 years: what can we learn from settlement characteristics? (2014)
Brinkmann, K.; Noromiarilanto, F.; Ratovonamana, R.; Bürkert, A.
Journal article
Dynamically Reconfigurable Constant Multiplication on FPGAs (2014)
Möller, K.; Kumm, M.; Barschtipan, B.; Zipf, P.
Conference proceedings article
DysCrete - Sonnenstrom aus Beton (2014)
Klooster, T.; Klussmann, H.
Journal article