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Fallbasierte Unterrichtsgestaltung - Grundlagen und Konzepte (2014)
Dieterich, J.; Reiber, K.
Authored book
Folding and stability of integral membrane proteins in amphipols (2014)
Kleinschmidt, J.; Popot, J.
Journal article
Forschendes Lernen (2014)
Mayer, J.
Contribution in edited book
Fertilizer and irrigation effects on forage protein and energy production under semi-arid conditions of Pakistan (2014)
Ul Allah, S.; Fricke, T.; Bürkert, A.; Wachendorf, M.
Journal article
FPGA Based Tunable Digital Filtering for Closed Loop RF Control in Synchrotrons (2014)
Kumm, M.; Klingbeil, H.; Möller, K.; Zipf, P.; Groß, K.; Lens, D.
Contribution in edited book
Fungal diversity of the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park - indicator species of nature value and conservation (2014)
Langer, E.; Langer, G.; Striegel, M.; Riebesehl, J.; Ordynets, O.
Journal article
Frauen (und) Macht in Lateinamerika (2014)
Burchardt, H.; Tuider, E.; Öhlschläger, R.
Edited book
Financial Cultures and Crisis Dynamics (2014)
Jessop, B.; Young, B.; Scherrer, C.
Edited book