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Investigating the Impact of Different Research Designs on Empirical Results (2014)
Söllner, M.; Voss, A.; Niemczyk, S.; Leimeister, J.
Conference proceedings article
Integrationskonzept für den Landkreis Göttingen (2014)
Westphal, M.
Other publication (e.g., newspaper article, popular science publications)
Inequality – The Achilles Heel of Free Market Democracy (2014)
Scherrer, C.; Gallas, A.; Williams, M.
Journal article
Investigating integument lesions in dairy cows: which types and locations can be combined? (2014)
Brenninkmeyer, C.; Knierim, U.; Dippel, S.; March, S.; Winckler, C.; Brinkmann, J.
Conference proceedings article
Interference in DFT Modulated Filter Bank Transceivers for Cognitive Radio (2014)
Mansour, N.; Dahlhaus, D.
Conference proceedings article