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O-GlcNAc reports ambient temperature and confers heat resistance on ectotherm development (2014)
Radermacher, P.; Myachina, F.; Bosshardt, F.; Pandey, R.; Mariappa, D.; Mueller, H.; Müller, H.; Lehner, C.
Journal article
On-farm animal welfare assessment in beef bulls: consistency over time of single measures and aggregated Welfare Quality((R)) scores (2014)
Kirchner, M.; Schulze Westerath, H.; Knierim, U.; Tessitore, E.; Cozzi, G.; Winckler, C.
Journal article
On the Development of Self-Adaptive Socially Aware Ubiquitous Computing Applications (2014)
Roßnagel, A.; Geihs, K.; Niemczyk, S.; Witsch, A.
Journal article
On the Evolution of Social Groups During Coffee Breaks (2014)
Atzmüller, M.; Ernst, A.; Krebs, F.; Scholz, C.; Stumme, G.
Conference proceedings article