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Pain modulators regulate the dynamics of PKA-RII phosphorylation in subgroups of sensory neurons (2014)
Isensee, J.; Diskar, M.; Waldherr, S.; Buschow, R.; Hasenauer, J.; Prinz, A.; Allgoewer, F.; Herberg, F.; Hucho, T.
Journal article
Parapluie - Realisierung einer ultraschlanken Beton-schale durch Aktivierung einer Membrantragwirkung (2014)
Eisenbach, P.; Vasudevan, R.; Bollinger, K.; Grohmann, M.; Hauser, S.
Journal article
Participation and Commitment in Voluntary Coalitions to Provide Public Goods (2014)
Dannenberg, A.; Lange, A.; Sturm, B.
Journal article
Pea plant volatiles guide host location behaviour in the pea moth (2014)
Thöming, G.; Norli, H.; Saucke, H.; Knudsen, G.
Journal article
Performance analysis of commercial buildings-Results and experiences from the German demonstration program ‘Energy Optimized Building (EnOB)' (2014)
Wagner *aktuell*, A.; Lützkendorf, T.; Voss, K.; Spars, G.; Maas, A.; Herkel, S.
Journal article