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Random Matrix Theory Based Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing (2014)
Mohamad, U.; Dahlhaus, D.
Conference proceedings article
Rate of soil-aggregate formation under different organic matter amendments - a short-term incubation experiment (2014)
Andruschkewitsch, R.; Geisseler, D.; Dultz, S.; Jörgensen, R.; Ludwig, B.
Journal article
Reactive Power Provision by Distribution System Operators - Optimizing Use of Available Flexibility (2014)
Kämpf, E.; Abele, H.; Stepanescu, S.; Braun, M.
Conference proceedings article
Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen des Identitätsmanagements in der Cloud (2014)
Hornung, G.; Städtler, S.
Contribution in edited book