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Das Promotionsstudium in der Rechtswissenschaft (2014)
Hornung, G.; Sandfuchs, B.
Journal article
Decay of velvet worms (Onychophora), and bias in the fossil record of lobopodians (2014)
Murdock, D.; Gabbott, S.; Mayer, G.; Purnell, M.
Journal article
Deep single step vertical ICP--RIE etching of ion beam sputter deposited SiO2/Si multilayer stacks (2014)
Messow, F.; Welch, C.; Eifert, A.; Ang, W.; Hoe, N.; Kusserow, T.; Hillmer, H.
Journal article
Defect detection in friction stir welding by online infrared thermography (2014)
Kryukov, I.; Hartmann, M.; Böhm, S.; Mund, M.; Dilger, K.; Fischer, F.
Journal article