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Effects of changing water availability on land use in irrigated mountain oases of Al Jabal Al Akhdar, northern Oman (2014)
Al-Rawahi, M.; Brinkmann, K.; Schlecht, E.; Bürkert, A.
Journal article
Effects of different compost amendments on the abundance and composition of alkB harboring bacterial communities in a soil under industrial use contaminated with hydrocarbon (2014)
Wallisch, S.; Gril, T.; Dong, X.; Welzl, G.; Bruns, C.; Heath, E.; Engel, M.; Suhadolc, M.; Schloter, M.
Journal article
Effects of Marked Routes in You-are-Here Maps on Navigation Performance and Cognitive Mapping (2014)
Lukas, S.; Mittelstaedt, V.; Olaru, G.; Sachser, C.; Seibold, J.; Huckauf, A.
Journal article