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Hyphodontia borbonica, a new species from La Réunion (2015)
Riebesehl, J.; Langer, E.; Ordynets, O.; Striegel, M.; Witzany, C.
Journal article
High Voltage Robustness of Mold Compounds under Different Environmental Conditions (2015)
Paye, J.; Claudi, A.; Stecher, M.
Conference proceedings article
Hygrical shrinkage stresses in tiling systems: Numerical modeling combined with field studies (2015)
Herwegh, M.; Zurbriggen, R.; Mettier, R.; Winnefeld, F.; Kaufmann, J.; Wetzel, A.
Journal article
High-throughput screening of epPCR-based transaminase libraries by application of a glycine oxidase solid-phase assay (2015)
Weiß, M.; Pavlidis, I.; Höhne, M.; Bornscheuer, U.
Conference proceedings article
Homo faber disabilis? – Teilhabe am Erwerbsleben (2015)
Becker, U.; Wacker, E.; Banafsche, M.
Edited book