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Nordcampus - Entwerfen für die Lücke (2015)
Hennecke, S.; Hauck, T.; Körner, S.; Bellin-Harder, F.
Nanophotonic applications of fs-laser radiation induced nanostructures and their theoretical description (2015)
Reininghaus, M.; Ivanov, D.; Maß, T.; Eckert, S.; Juschkin, L.; Garcia, M.; Taubner, T.; Poprawe, R.
Contribution in edited book
Numerical methods for crack loading analyses in quasicrystals (2015)
Wang, Z.; Ricoeur, A.
Journal article
Naturalness of selected European beech forests reflected by fungalinventories: a first checklist of fungi of the UNESCO WorldNatural Heritage Kellerwald-Edersee National Park in Germany (2015)
Langer, E.; Langer, G.; Popa, F.; Rexer, K.; Striegel, M.; Ordynets, O.; Lysenko, L.; Palme, S.; Riebesehl, J.; Kost, G.
Journal article
Neugestaltung des Erlaubnis-, Bewilligungs- und Planfeststellungsverfahrens (2015)
Roßnagel, A.
Conference proceedings article