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Sozial wirtschaften und gut versorgen - Umsteuerungsoptionen für die Wohlfahrtspflege (2015)
Bode, I.; Brandenburg, H.; Werner, B.
Journal article
Sustainable Strategies for Climate Oriented Urban Planning in Ho Chi Minh City (2015)
Katzschner, A.; Burghardt, R.; Katzschner, L.
Conference proceedings article
Supervision- und Coaching Kompetenz-Forschung (2015)
Möller, H.
Journal article
Site-controlled growth of GaAs nanoislands on pre-patterned silicon substrates (2015)
Usman, M.; Reithmaier, J.; Benyoucef, M.
Journal article
Start-Up Motives and Entrepreneurial Aspirations of Women Chemists in Germany. (2015)
Pascher, U.; Roski, M.; Halbfas, B.
Journal article
Sustainable supply chain management: a modeling perspective (2015)
Brandenburg, M.; Rebs, T.
Journal article