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Two new Trechispora species from La Réunion Island (2015)
Ordynets, A.; Larsson, K.; Langer, E.
Journal article
The Latent Structure of Personality Functioning: Investigating Criterion A From the Alternative Model for Personality Disorders in DSM-5 (2015)
Zimmermann, J.; Böhnke, J.; Müller, A.; Eschstruth, R.; Wenzel, K.; Leising, D.
Journal article
TAAndem (2015)
Heußner, M.; Löffler, B.; Ackermann, L.; Thillainathan, N.; Prinz, A.; Schmidt, L.; Leimeister, J.
The Russian Luxury Markets: An Entrepreneurial Opportunity (2015)
Peshkova, A.; Ürkmez, T.; Wagner, R.
Conference proceedings article