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Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing, 17th International Workshop, Aachen, September 14-18, 2015 (2015)
Koepf, W.; Gerdt, V.; Seiler, W.; Vorozhtsov, E.
Conference proceedings
Filled Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) to increase mechanical and physical properties  (2015)
Giesen, R.; Verheyen, F.; Methe, D.; Bogedale, L.; Heim, H.
Conference proceedings
Integration of Electrochromic Devices by the Injection Moulding Process (2015)
Faulhaber, K.; Sauer, V.; Gövert, S.; Schnieders, J.; Heim, H.
Conference proceedings
Modification of Starch-Blends with PLA by using a novel one-step Compounding Process (2015)
Fuchs, J.; Feldmann, M.; Heim, H.
Conference proceedings
Prozess- und Materialoptimierung von Biokunststoffen- und -compositen (2015)
Feldmann, M.; Mamun, M.; Zarges, J.; Heim, H.
Conference proceedings
(Schaum-)Spritzguss von Stärkeblends - Verfahren und Eigenschaften (2015)
Heim, H.; Feldmann, M.; Fuchs, J.
Conference proceedings