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Influential Factors on IS Project Quality: A Total Quality Management Perspective (2015)
Glowalla, P.; Sunyaev, A.
Conference proceedings article
Innovative Performancetests für PV-Speichersysteme zur Erhöhung der Autarkie und des Eigenverbrauchs (2015)
Niedermeyer, F.; von Appen, J.; Kneiske, T.; Braun, M.; Schmiegl, A.; Kreutzer, M.; Rothert, M.; Reischl, A.
Conference proceedings article
Interesse und Motivation bei der Bearbeitung kontextualisierter Testaufgaben (2015)
Wellnitz, N.; Roesler, M.; Mayer, J.
Conference proceedings article
Interference-Aware Time-Frequency based Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks (2015)
Sharma, M.; Dahlhaus, D.; Al Halaseh, R.; Mansour, N.
Conference proceedings article
Investigation of PLPdependent racemases with apparent activity in monomeric form (2015)
Knight, A.; Nobili, A.; Pavlidis, I.; Genz, M.
Conference proceedings article
investigations on ageing of hollow microsphere filled silicone gel under electric field stress (2015)
Austermühl, A.; Wels, S.; Claudi, A.
Conference proceedings article