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Parameterization of Reactive Power Characteristics for Distributed Generators: Field Experience and Recommendations (2015)
Kraiczy, M.; Lammert, G.; Stetz, T.; Gehler, S.; Arnold, G.; Braun, M.; Schmidt, S.; Homeyer, H.; Zickler, U.; Sommerwerk, F.; Elbs, C.
Conference proceedings article
Physiklehrerausbildung in Deutschland - Ergebnisse einer Umfrage (2015)
Wodzinski, R.
Conference proceedings article
Post Detection Integration in DFT Modulated Filter Bank for Cognitive Radio Transceivers (2015)
Mansour, N.; Dahlhaus, D.
Conference proceedings article
Preemptive Network Reinforcement at LV Level considering Uncertainty in Prediction of PV Penetration Scenarios (2015)
Idlbi, B.; Scheidler, A.; Stetz, T.; Braun, M.
Conference proceedings article
Protecting tree roots and subterranean infrastructure in urban areas by developing self-compacting flowable fills with root growth impeding properties (2015)
Simon, J.; Felde, V.; Peth, S.; Middendorf, B.; Kimm-Friedenberg, S.
Conference proceedings article