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Dehorning of cattle in the EU Member States: A quantitative survey of the current practices (2015)
Cozzi, G.; Gottardo, F.; Brscic, M.; Contiero, B.; Irrgang, N.; Knierim, U.; Pentelescu, O.; Windig, I.; Mirabito, L.; Kling Eveillard, F.; Dockes, A.; Veissier, I.; Velarde, A.; Fuentes, C.; Dalmau, A.; Winckler, C.
Journal article
Das IT-Sicherheitsgesetz (2015)
Roßnagel, A.
Journal article
Determinants of economic success in egg production in Germany - here: laying hens kept in aviaries or small-group housing systems (2015)
Campe, A.; Hoes, C.; Koesters, S.; Froemke, C.; Bessei, W.; Knierim, U.; Schrader, L.; Kreienbrock, L.; Thobe, P.
Journal article
Developmental contexts, depth of competition and relative age effects in sport: A database analysis and a quasi-experiment (2015)
Schorer, J.; Cobley, S.; Bräutigam, H.; Loffing, F.; Hütter, S.; Büsch, D.; Wattie, N.; Helsen, W.; Baker, J.
Journal article
Do Bells Affect Behaviour and Heart Rate Variability in Grazing Dairy Cows? (2015)
Johns, J.; Patt, A.; Hillmann, E.
Journal article
Detecting regular dynamics from time series using permutations slopes (2015)
Koepf, W.; Eyebe Fouda, J.
Journal article