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Model-based Hardware Design for FPGAs using Folding Transformations based on Subcircuits (2015)
Möller, K.; Kumm, M.; Zipf, P.; Müller, C.
Journal article
Modelling the distribution of four Dioscorea species on the Mahafaly Plateau of south-western Madagascar using biotic and abiotic variables (2015)
Andriamparany, J.; Brinkmann, K.; Wiehle, M.; Jeannoda, V.; Bürkert, A.
Journal article
Magnetization reversal of Co/Au multilayer stripes with keV-He⁺ion bombardment induced coercivity gradient (2015)
Urbaniak, M.; Stobiecki, F.; Gaul, A.; Ehresmann, A.
Journal article
Monitoring of crop biomass using true colour aerial photographs taken from a remote controlled hexacopter (2015)
Jannoura, R.; Brinkmann, K.; Uteau Puschmann, D.; Bruns, C.; Jörgensen, R.
Journal article
Microstructural investigations on the skinning of ultra-high performance concrete (2015)
Wetzel, A.; Glotzbach, C.; Maryamh, K.; Middendorf, B.
Journal article
Micro-notches for studying growth of small cracks (2015)
Wessel, W.; Mildner, J.; Pitz, P.; Brückner-Foit, A.; Wollenhaupt, M.; Baumert, T.
Journal article