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Putting sustainable supply chain management into base of the pyramid research (2015)
Khalid, R.; Seuring-Stella, S.; Beske, P.; Land, A.; Yawar, S.; Wagner, R.
Journal article
Phosphorylation of Elp1 by Hrr25 is required for Elongator-dependent tRNA modification in yeast (2015)
Abdel-Fattah, W.; Jablonowski, D.; Di Santo, R.; Scheidt, V.; Hammermeister, A.; ten Have, S.; Thüring, K.; Helm, M.; Schaffrath, R.; Stark, M.
Journal article
Potential of milk fatty acid composition to predict diet composition and authenticate feeding systems and altitude origin of European bulk milk (2015)
Coppa, M.; Chassaing, C.; Ferlay, A.; Agarbriel, C.; Laurent, C.; Borreani, G.; Barcarolo, R.; Baars, A.; Kusche, D.; Harstad, O.; Verbic, J.; Golecky, J.; Delavaud, C.; Chilliard, Y.; Martin, B.
Journal article
Providing Labor with a Voice in International Trade Negotiations (2015)
Scherrer, C.; McGuire, D.
Journal article
Prediction of chemical and biological soil properties from middle infrared spectra using different software packages (2015)
Ludwig, B.; Sawallisch, A.; Heinze, S.; Jörgensen, R.; Vohland, M.
Journal article