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Three-dimensional distribution of water and air in soil pores: Comparison of two-phase two-relaxation-times lattice-Boltzmann and morphological model outputs with synchrotron X-ray computed tomography data (2015)
Potapov, A.; Peth, S.; Monga, O.; Vogel, L.; Genty, A.; Garnier, P.; Vieuble-Gonod, L.; Ogurreck, M.; Beckmann, F.; Baveye, P.
Journal article
To be or not to be horned - consequences in cattle (2015)
Knierim, U.; Irrgang, N.; Roth, B.
Journal article
The legacy of Steven Klepper: Industry evolution, entrepreneurship, and geography (2015)
Agarwal, R.; Bünstorf, G.; Cohen, W.; Malerba, F.
Journal article
Two new Trechispora species from La Reunion Island (2015)
Ordynets, O.; Larsson, K.; Langer, E.
Journal article