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Magnetization reversal of Co/Au multilayer stripes with keV-He⁺ion bombardment induced coercivity gradient (2015)
Urbaniak, M.; Stobiecki, F.; Gaul, A.; Ehresmann, A.
Journal article
Melting of Al Induced by Laser Excitation of 2p Holes (2015)
Rosandi, Y.; Cheenicode Kabeer, F.; Cherednikov, Y.; Zijlstra, E.; Garcia, M.; Inogamov, N.; Urbassek, H.
Journal article
Me, myself, and I: Self-referent word use as an indicator of self-focused attention in relation to depression and anxiety (2015)
Brockmeyer, T.; Zimmermann, J.; Kulessa, D.; Hautzinger, M.; Bents, H.; Friederich, H.; Herzog, W.; Backenstrass, M.
Journal article